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Screenprinting, Lexan™, Self-adhesives, Lettering, Materials cutting, Pad printing, Hot stamping

"The professionalism of the Craft Industry in industry service! "

    Our company AGS (created by Peter Saltbox ou Pierre Saunière) has specialized for over fifty years in the industrial and advertising marking and production of face plates, name plates and control panels with custom labels Lexan™ films. Our silkscreen workshop, with the use of Agfa imageSetter and Aristo cutting tables make us the screen printer and supplier gilder's largest companies (local, national and international), as smaller structures (designers company, electronics, telecommunications, mechatronics, engineering offices, manufacturing workshops) in aeronautics, medical, defense, as well as rail, electrical and nuclear industries, agricultural machinery, special machines, and so on ...).
We are printers and suppliers of many things, and we especially produce custom polycarbonate Lexan labels in several thickness 5 mil, 10 mil or 15 mil and use 2 famous 3M double sided adhesive : 467MP with 200 MP (2 mil) and 468 MP LSE with 200 MP (5 mil)

The skills and expertise of AGS in the field of color and the printing of the decor make us run many prototypes as well as small, medium and sometimes large series. While combining the quality and urgency.
Our speciality : "Labels"
  • AGS workshop is mainly specialized in manufacturing Lexan™ labels. The Lexan™ (translucent polycarbonate plastic) is available in several thickness, from 5 mil to 15 mil (0,125 mm to 0,375 mm) and several surface aspect: textured, matt, gloss. Our labels are printed only in traditional screen printing. Lexan™ is printed upside down at the back of the sheet and still at the back we add a 3M double-sided tape which is known for is high adhesion power (3M468 / 3M467 / 3M 9472 300LSE). The ink layer is trapped between the 3M tape and the Lexan™. The ink layer is fully protected.

  • Once printed, the Lexan™ panel is cut by digital control. Our digital cutting table complies with precision your plan: total-cutting or kiss-cutting. The final product is totally tailored according to your wishes, size, shape, clears areas, cut areas with or without 3M.
  • Printing Lexan™ labels is either handprinted (we are really label maker, because we take Lexan film, print it, and after put adhesive) or machine-printed for the most important prints. We always work with two screen-printing workers, one is printing and the other is ensuring the quality control of each Lexan sheet, the work delivered is totally and perfectly controlled. Our average lexans labels achievements is about 3 days. We are provider of Lexan™ labels for small and large companies (french and international) wishing to realize labels within a short time. 

  • The silk screening (or screen-printing, screen, serigraphy, or serigraph printing) authorizes also the impressions of metal parts. Impression of front panel using Lexan™ film, anodized aluminium, painted or enamelled steel or nameplates. Lexan is then spread with adhesive, with a standard adhesive transfer tape 3M 468 MP or 3M 467 MP, with possibly of several reserves of adhesive (for LED, buttons, indicators). The complex Lexan (ex General Electric, and today a Sabic product) 3M468MP or 3M467MP (3M double-sided tape) is a double guarantee of quality, for the realization of labels of high quality. The 200MP or 200 MP replaces the marking of the references 3M 468 MP and 3M 467 MP. (or 3M 468MP and 3M 467MP. We can also print on Polyester Autotex-autoflex V150.

  • Quality and responsiveness are our first targets. Don't hesitate to contact us, we respond quickly to your request for a quotation or any other information.
  • Short lead times, fast answer to any quotation request, varied customers: industry, electronics, advertising(publicity), design, sheet metal workshop, mechanics, aeronautics, medical

  • Our equipment in DTP APPLE Macintosh™ complete (high resolution typesetter + cutting machines (2 Aristo flat tables and 2 Roland plotters connected to Macintosh™) combined with particular competences required for the silkscreeners make our company privileged graphic designers.
  • The cutting form can be controlled by Mac.
  • Special inks (IR infra- red, protection anti-UV or ultraviolet ray) - special inks (fluo, aluminum)
  • Boards of stickers or stickers (the sticker in board is easier to take off, especially in the small sizes...)
  • The manufacture of stickers of all formats, with or without precut is carried out without loss of quality according to your files bye-mail with the following formats: Adobe Illustrator™, DXF, DWG, Autocad, Corel Draw, XPress, pdf (Adobe Acrobat™).

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SARL Atelier Graphique Saunière, au capital de 15 000 Euros .
SIRET : 400 681 649 000 28N de TVA intracommunautaire : FR 07 400 681 649



Our workshop is located at Nantes , in Loire-Atlantique, 44000, France. We work regularly or canvass AL, Coeur d'Alene, Fairfield, India, Lombard, Kansas, Newton, Waukesha, Burma, Perth Amboy, Waterbury, Fort Smith, Jurupa Valley, Waterloo, Oklahoma, Portland, MT, Joliet, Downey, UT, Champaign, Strongsville, Honolulu, Homestead, Wheaton, Idaho Falls, Manhattan, Bozeman, Iraq, Harrisonburg, Brookfield, Niagara Falls, Cedar Park, Findlay, Victorville, Milwaukee, Bolingbrook, Conway, Shoreline, Orlando, Skokie, Lakewood, China, Bothell, Massachusetts, Mishawaka, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Lee's Summit, Palo Alto, Eden Prairie, Maricopa, NY, Algeria, Sault-Sainte-Marie, Warwick, Westland, Thornton, Halifax, Sioux Falls, San Leandro, Mexico, Missoula, Leominster, Sarasota, Lima, Erie, Moncton, Centennial, Somerville, Menifee, Albuquerque, Charlotte, OH, VA, Norwalk, Poland, Edina, Poway, New York, Perris, Yonkers, Westminster, Little Rock, Salina, Bullhead City, Nashua, Brossard, Mankato, Manteca, Plainfield, Brookhaven, Calexico, Pueblo, West Jordan, Taylorsville, 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